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transportation from punta cana Airport to Bavaro

Punta cana is the Tourism capital of the world, a city of artists, and one of the most traveled to destinations for tourists worldwide. This, among other things, makes it an awe-inspiring island of steel towers waiting to be explored. Dominicans most likely won't hesitate to tell you one thing, how busy this bustling city is. Even from the perspective of a local the city’s sidewalks are jam-packed and the roads are a yellow sea of taxis that constantly urge both pedestrians as well as road traffic in a certain direction, making getting around town a potentially daunting experience if you try to go it alone.


Flying Into Punta cana Airport

Even if you travel with an all-inclusive, at the Punta Cana airport you will have to pay some taxes both when you land and when you leave (around $ 40), so it is convenient to take dollars. It is not necessary that you change to the local currency, the pesos, in the shops and leisure places accept dollars, and you can always pay with a card.


Punta cana Airport Transportation

There are shuttle services available for airport travelers: The Airport Shuttle Service and There are also additional limo services offered from Impeccable Transportation and unique ride experience such as JPS Executive Car Service.


Hotels in Punta cana

Punta Cana, like all of the Dominican Republic, has a humid tropical climate and wonderful hotels, with an average temperature of 28-29ºC throughout the year. This fact makes Punta Cana one of the favorite places to travel on vacation. At any time of the year you will find sun and a formidable temperature.


Punta cana Restaurants

Those people who plan to travel to Punta Cana should know that they will not have any problem when it comes to finding local and international food restaurants. many times we don't need to leave the hotel complex since these establishments usually offer the classic "all inclusive" so we can numerous specialties at the buffets.


Things to do in Putna cana

Excursions and Adventures of Colonial Tour and Travel departing from all the hotels in Punta Cana that you can acquire or schedule before your arrival in the country or already being at your hotel, in this beautiful coast of Punta Cana There is an incredible variety of places, restaurants, casinos, nightclubs, bars, shopping centers, natural parks and attractions that you can visit.